Welcome to the online gallery of East Sussex-based painter, sculptor and maker Peter Edwards. For over 50 years, Peter has been independently creating works ranging from inspired, thought-provoking paintings, sculptures and installations to highly unique yet practical decorative art and jewellery.

Working out of a converted chapel, Peter's work has long focused on the use of reused and recycled materials, often incoporating the nature of the original components into the overall message of the finished piece. To find out more about the artist, please see the About section.

This website aims to serve as a comprehensive catalogue of the work that Peter Edwards has produced over the years. The Gallery is divided into five main categories (Paintings, Sculptures, Reliefs, Masks, Decorative Art and Jewellery), which are subdivided into subcategories. All items that are not marked as 'Sold' are available for purchase. If you are interested in puchasing a particular piece or would like more information about dimensions, materials, etc., please see the Contact section.


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