Peter Edwards: collector, painter, sculptor, maker. It's hard to contemplate such an imagination as Peters'; he seems to have been gifted all the creativity that most of us have lost. Where we see bric-a-brac he sees a thousand startling images crying to be released, though when he reads this, the word "bullshit" will be first past his lips!

Born in 1942, Peter Edwards demonstrated a rich imagination and, from a very young age, exhibited the artistic talent with which to express it. He went on to study at Watford Secondary School and took a further art course at Watford College, with exhibits in local shows. After working in commercial art (advertising, etc.) and travelling Europe to visit major art galleries, Peter moved to Buckinghamshire and was employed as a picture restorer on Bond Street. During this time, the paintings that he restored went on to be sold at some of London's most prestigious art galleries. However, discovering that he did not have a passion for picture restoring, Peter left the job and once again travelled to Europe. Upon his return to the UK, he began a search for a permanent studio, and eventually settled in the south coast town of Hastings, where he has been ever since.

After acquiring and fully restoring a derelict chapel into a unique and comfortable home, he later developed it into a base for his work. The chapel soon became a studio for Peter to work on his art and the ground floor was converted into a gallery where Peter's work is displayed and stored when not being exhibited elsewhere. The house itself is filled with thousands of antiques from diverse sources that Peter has collected over the years. He describes his vast display of antiques as "organised chaos" and though this is the case Peter would not want it any other way.

The bottom floor of this house is below street level and serves as Peter's home galley. Here the extent of Peter's work can be clearly seen. Working in media such as sculpture, installations, paintings, crafts and many other miscellaneous forms, there is a rare diversity and clear unique feeling to the work surrounding you.

Peter's early pieces were heavily inspired by the works of the Old Masters that saw during his travels throughout Europe but he soon went on to develop an array of his own unique styles. Unburdened by commercial constraints, Peter's creativity has been allowed to run free; now, buried in what must be one of the most unique homes/studios on the south coast, he is a constantly digging into the well of his life experience to produce work ranging from simple visual jokes to images of such impact they take the breath away. His painting has evolved a number of styles over the years, but hints of the complex human situation almost force their way through the paint to confront the viewer with with a new and unexpected perspective. His sculpture ranges from the bizarre to the gloriously functional, and his use of cast-off materials to fashion some wonderful creations has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Priding himself on his creations that cost him virtually nothing to make (most of Peter's material is simply material that he has recycled), he remarks that many people are surprised when they see what can be created from recycled materials. Peter is passionate about his work and feels strongly about his own style, so much so that he says he would "prefer to do labouring than sell-out and do very commercial art just to make a living".

Peter has exhibited widely and his work is held in many private collections in the UK and abroad.